Women's Institute

The WI is here to inspire you

The WI is all about inspiring women. It's a rich source of experiences, knowledge and skills passed down through generations and updated every day.

The WI is everything you want it to be

The WI is naturally diverse. It offers all kinds of opportunities to all kinds of women.

For some women it's an opportunity to catch up with friends, for others it's a route to learning new skills and for some the campaigning aspect of the organisation may be the key motivator.

The WI is what you make of it

The WI comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer women the opportunity to join and be involved in the way that suits them.

Pru Leith with Jean Sellen and Kitty Gaden

Jean Sellen, Pru Leith and Kitty Gaden

Jean Hawkey and Kitty Gaden

Jean Hawkey (Secretary) and Kitty Gaden (President)

Pru Leith with Jean Hawkey

Pru Leith and Jean Hawkey

The WI meet at the village hall on the fourth Thursday of each month starting at 7.30pm.

2016 Committee

Mrs Kitty Gaden (President)
Mrs Sandra Charlton (Asst President)
Mrs Jean Hawkey (Secretary)
Mrs Kate Davies (Treasurer)

Contact: Jean Hawkey

Subscription: £37.50