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Parish Councillors

Your Councillors - Doug Crook (Chair), Jacky Leadbeater, Ross Leadbeater, Jan Mills, Nick Wright, Lis Courtown,  Clint Grimmer. May 2023

Each Councillors' main areas of responsibility are listed below, although residents are encouraged to speak to any Councillor regarding questions or concerns related to the village.

Queries can also be addressed to the Clerk, Mrs Roz Morton, at

Douglas Crook (Chairman - Planning, and Finance)

Doug moved to Ampney Crucis in 1999 but, along with his wife Debbie, had purchased a field on the London Road in 1989 which was home to Jack, a Welsh Cob, until his passing in 2014. Doug moved to Cirencester in 1986 when Intergraph relocated from Newbury to Swindon and had a 27 year career with them as he transitioned through the electronic and computing revolution of the 80's, 90's and on until 2011 when an opportunity to leave came along.

Doug has 2 daughters, Josephine married to Kerri and living and working in Twickenham and Laura married to Rick and living and working in Blackpool, which is why he foolishly follows the football clubs fortunes though no longer as a season ticket holder.

Doug is still an active Member Nominated Trustee of the Intergraph Defined Contribution Pension Scheme and has been for more than 15 years. While in theory retired, Doug's involvement with commercial and residential properties keeps him busy.
07896 671730

Clinton Grimmer (Highways)

Clint was elected to the Parish Council in May 2023

"I retired to the village with my wife Stephanie some 10 years ago. I spent most of my working life in Surrey as a project manager. most of my projects being in London .

I was born and grew up in Australia but have lost both my accent and suntan.

I live in a listed lodge at the entrance to the village and greatly appreciate  the beauty and sense of history of our village. I hope I can in some way contribute to its preservation and greatly appreciate being elected to the Parish Council."
01285 851558 and 07717001114

Ross Leadbeater (Footpaths)

Ross was elected to the Parish Council in April 2022 and re-elected in May 2023

Ross currently works for an agricultural company supplying a range of fertilisers and has lived in the village for 20 years.
07510 234470

Mrs Janice Mills (Playground and Finance)

Janice and her husband Dave have lived in the village for 15 years and before retiring I was a teacher for 35 years predominantly in secondary education.

Previously I lived in Fairford for 15 years so I know the area pretty well. I have two grown up children and 4 grandchildren who we looked after regularly for the past 7 years but less so now they are all at school. I have an interest in all sport and enjoy craft of many sorts as well as walking and travelling.
07731 757456

Lis Courtown (Psst)

Lis Courtown

Lis moved to Ampney Crucis in 1998 with her husband and two children, her youngest child was born in the village. She has lived in Gloucestershire for most of her life. She attended college in Cirencester and enjoys gardening and the outdoors.

Lis was co-opted to the Parish Council in May 2022 and re-elected in May 2023
07747 852914

Nick Wright (Finance & planning)

Nick and his wife Helen live in Hilcot End.
07956 889944

Jacky Leadbeater (Vice Chair, school liaison and Finance)

Jacky was co-opted to the Parish Council in May 2022 and re-elected in May 2023

"I have been fortunate to live in the village with my family since 1974. Ross and I have 2 children who have been educated at the village school and at Farmors and Kingshill.

Whilst working for Barclays Bank in Cirencester, I learnt to cane chairs and furniture, which I still do in the neighbouring parish."
07593 967801

Each parish councillor is required to complete a Register of Members Interests, these can be found on the Cotswold District Council website.