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Domesday Book

Ampney Crucis is mentioned several times in the Domesday Book when known as Omenie.

Open Domesday is the first free online copy of the Domesday Book and Ampney Crucis has it's own entry.

Below are the entries and translations.

In GARSDON Hundred Thurstan son of Rolf holds AMPNEY (Crucis) from the King. 7 hides. Tovi held it from King Edward. In lordship 3 ploughs; 8 villagers and a priest with 8 ploughs. 8 slaves. Of this land Tovi holds the land of 2 villagers, and a man-at-arms the land of 4 villagers. ½ hide belongs to the church. Meadows, 4 acres. The value was £8; now £6.

Thurstan holds 1 hide there himself. Wulfwy held it as a manor and could go where he would. In lordship 2 ploughs, with 1 smallholder. The value was 40s.

Humphrey (the Chamberlain) also holds in GARSDON Hundred in AMPNEY (Crucis) 1 hide. Alfwy held it from King Edward as a manor. In lordship 2 plough; 4 slaves; 1 smallholder. A mill at 5s. The value is and was 25s.

In GARSDON Hundred Baldwin holds 3 virgates of land in AMPNEY (Crucis) from the King. Alwin held them before 1066. 1 plough there, with 2 smallholders. The value is and was 10s.

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