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Burial Ground

Burial Ground Reservations

Follow the link for conditions and fees.

Plot Reservations

The Parish Council is trying to clear up some confusion surrounding some plots that were apparently reserved in the 1940's and 1950's, but for which there are no names or dates in the records to indicate who the plots were reserved by, or even if they are definite reservations.

If the Parish Council can establish who has reserved the plots, then they will continue to be kept available. However, if they can't identify who reserved the plots, then the Council will start allocating them, as pressure on space in the Burial Ground is high.

If you think that one of your family may have reserved a plot in the Burial Ground, or if you have any information about plot reservations, please contact the Clerk at

The Ampney Crucis Burial Ground was gifted to the village in 1888, and the first funeral there was that of Job Haines on 13th September 1888. He was 72.

There are about 500 graves, but sadly a great many of the headstones are illegible.

The Burial Ground is administered and maintained by the Parish Council and any queries relating to burial plots should be addressed to the Clerk to the Parish.

The following schedule lists all gravestones dating from 1888 up to 1950, and on which the inscriptions are still legible. By clicking on the family name you can also call up a photograph of that gravestone.

As many of the more recent deceased still have family and friends living in the village, they are not included on the list. However, for people searching for relatives, an (incomplete) list of all the family names appears at the bottom. Please use the contact page if you need further information about these.

Family Name First Names Died Age Detail
Ashe ? 25/12/1905 79
Ashe James (?) 11/08/1916 88 (?)
Ayers Eliza Maria 26/10/1926 76
Ayers Harry 06/05/1926 67
Ayers Harry 03/12/1937 50
Barnes Lilian A.M. 31/08/1948 76
Blackford Daniel 03/11/1899 73 (?)
Blackford Sarah Ellen 13/02/1890 61
Cole Alfred ??/??/1916 30 Killed in France
Cole Ellen 20/06/1916 65
Cole George ??/04/1906 59
Cooper Charles ??/03/1948 82
Cooper Jane 18/09/1930 65
Goodalls Jane 01/02/1930 80
Herbert Ann 07/12/1920 81
Herbert Edward G. 17/05/1935 67
Herbert Mary Ann 04/11/1893 35
Holder Agnes Mary 23/06/1929 30
Mitchell Cornelious 04/02/1900 89
Mustoe John 23/08/1887 60
Mustoe Louise 1920
Nicholas John 31/01/1935 65
Plummer Blanche Annie 09/01/1944 75
Poil Una Beatrice 04/11/1875 33
Smith Edwin ??/08/1895 25 Died in London
Smith Louisa 07/05/1890 65
Symonds Charles 20/04/1922 56
Tuck Elizabeth ??/08/1944
Tuck William ??/03/1943
Tugwell Douglas 06/07/1933 8
Wall Florence 12/03/1944 62
Wigmore William Elias 27/05/1945 77
Willavoys Lucy 28/??/1938
Williams Barbara Maria 26/12/1921 82
Williams Joseph 17/02/1906 65

The following family names appear on gravestones in Ampney Crucis Burial Ground. If you need further details or a photograph of the grave, please use the contact page and provide us with family background etc.

Ashe, Ayers, Barnes, Bartlett, Blackford, Blowing, Bradley, Bridgeman, Brookes, Brown, Buckley, Chrisp, Cole, Cooper, Cripps, Curtis, Day, Dickson, Dore, Gearing, Goodall, Goodalls, Green, Harber, Herbert, Hibbert, Holder, Jones, Kent, Langford, Marshall, Mitchell, Morris, Morse, Mustoe, Nicholas, Ockwell, Parsons, Payne, Plummer, Poil, Poole, Puffett, Radway, Richardson, Robinson, Russell, Salmons, Seggie, Smith, Steel, Sterry, Stevens, Symonds, Thompson, Tibbles, Trotman, Truman, Tuck, Tugwell, Turk, Wall, Wigmore, Willavoys, Williams.