Public Footpath BAC2

Starting north of Gorston House (originally the Butchers Arms pub), at SP 'H' (i), the path runs through a gateway, west across pasture to a vertical stone stile in the remains of a wall, then over a fence and west north west along a headland on the north face of a hedge to a stile at SP 'V' (i). Across the road, the path leads from SP 'V' (ii) along a headland on the south face of a hedge bordering a spinney to a fallen stone stile at the corner. At the stile the path enters the spinney, runs north east until emerging at the end of a hedge where it turns north to follow a headland on the east face of the hedge to a vertical stone stile, from where is passes a quarry, enters another spinney and ends at a hunting gate at SP 'D'.