Village Network

Village Network

Keep up to date with village events and important notices by subscribing to the Village Network. To get your name on the system, just send an email to saying 'Include me in'. You will receive future messages from Psst! via Mailchimp thus ensuring your email address will not be disclosed to others.

Village Emergency

Full details of the Ampney Crucis Community Emergency Plan.

Ampney Times

Ampney Times

Are you receiving the Ampney Times? If you live in Ampney Crucis, Ampney St. Mary or Ampney St. Peter and are not getting your copy regularly, let us know and we'll send it to you electronically. Alternatively view or download the latest edition of the Ampney Times.

Back copies can be requested by emailing

The Ampney Times is not being delivered to households during this difficult period. You can view it using the link above and by subscribing to the Village Network you'll get a link to view the latest edition when it's published.

Flood Monitoring

Environment Agency
Ampney Brook at Ampney St Peter
Latest reading: 26-02-2021 18:15
Latest river level: 0.407 metres
Typical low level: 0.044 metres
Typical high level: 0.93 metres
Record high level: 1.23 metres
Record high reading: 24-11-2012 10:00

Water Levels Normal

Environment Agency flood and river level data from the real-time data API (Beta)