Ampney Crucis Burial Ground - Conditions and Fees

Effective 1st April 2014

The following conditions and fees have been set and approved by Ampney Crucis Parish Council under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.


  1. All reservations give the right
    • to the person, making the reservation, to be buried in the grave reserved, for a period of up to 10 years and
    • to erect a monument on the grave, subject to the conditions stated in clause 7.
  2. Applications for interment or reservation of a grave will normally be accepted only in respect of a resident of Ampney Crucis.
  3. Applications for interment, accompanied by a death certificate, and for the erection of monuments must be submitted to the Clerk for approval. Licences will be granted by the Clerk upon payment of the appropriate fee. There is a right of appeal to the Parish Council.
  4. The burial of a person who was not a parishioner at the time of death but who had an enduring connection with the Parish may be permitted at the discretion of the Council subject to an additional fee of £55 (waived if a grave space has been reserved).
  5. The Parish does not undertake the digging of graves. All spoil from dug graves must be removed from the Burial Ground by the undertakers responsible.
  6. All flatstones and plinths shall be sunk to ground level to facilitate mowing. The Council reserves the power to remove any monument not conforming with the licence granted.
  7. Monuments must be made of the following materials:
    • Permitted stone, un‑polished: Oolitic limestone, Clipsham, Ancaster Doulting, Portland or Purbeck limestone, Blue or Grey Forest sandstone, grey granite or a stone indistinguishable in type such as Nabresina.
    • Other permitted material: Oak


  1. Reservation fees
    • Reservation of grave space or space set aside for ashes - £55
  2. Burial fees
    • Burial in a grave of standard size - £220
    • Burial in a grave of half-standard size - £110
    • Subsequent burial of a close family member in an existing grave of standard size - £110
    • Burial of cremated remains in an area set aside for ashes - £55
    • Subsequent burial of the cremated remains of a close family member in an area set aside for ashes - £55
  3. Monument fees
    • A vertical headstone up to 3ft high x 2ft wide x 4 ins thick - £110
    • A flatstone on a grave up to 6ft long x 2ft wide - £110
    • A vertical headstone in an area for cremated remains up to 12ins high x 12ins wide x 2 ins thick - £55
    • A flatstone in an area for cremated remains up to 18ins x 18ins - £55
    • Inscription (to be submitted for approval) - No charge

By order of the Council - 1 April 2014

J E Webster Clerk to the Council